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GUIDES Hokage Hat Quest

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Hokage Hat Quest
Location: amatsu 22 95  (@npc hokagehat)




Commands such as '@whodrops', '@whereis', '@alootid +' will make it much easier to collect and find items.
Here are some examples on how you can use these commands:

You can type in the Item Name or the Item ID
@whodrops Ancient Lips or @whodrops 1054
Typing this will show you a list of monsters who are able to drop this item.

You can type in the Name of the Monster or the Monster ID
@whereis Merman or @whereis 1264
Typing this will show you a list of maps that you can warp to where this monster resides.

You can type in the Name of the Item or the Item ID
@alootid +yggdrasil berry or @alootid +607
Typing this will allow you to automatically collect the specific item if a monster you killed drops it.


Talk to the 'Kage' NPC and he will give you a list of items to collect.
These are the required items:

42013.png Requirements for Hokage Hat
42001.png 3 Fire Head Protector [1] 7108.png 15 Piece of Shield 7020.png 15 Mother's Nightmare
7156.png 200 Broken Shuriken 40101.png 3 MVP Shard 50,000,000 Zeny

After collecting these items, submit it to the same NPC and then you will receive the 'Hokage Hat'



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