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Guild Referral

Vision RO is expecting a lot of players to join in the fun! So with that in mind we have prepared lots of rewards for players that will help the community grow. Any existing guild you know that would like to be a part of Vision's Clashes, don't hesitate to invite them! We would welcome any/all players that would want to be part of our journey!

Since we will be having players from different communities, we expect that you'll be able to have basic understanding and compherension of English language. GM / Staff will be generally talking to you in English, but will talk to you with the language you are comfortable with as long as they are fluent in that specific language as well.

  • Share the website or page to any guild master that you know of, if they have any questions, we can help you answer them so they will have a better understanding on what our server is like.

  • All of the members of the guild will be checked for authenticity. (Facebook etc.)

  • The Guild you invited must participate in our War of Emperium and King of Emperium at least (3) times.

Referral Rewards
40003 50 Donation Ticket & Points
40004 3 Costume Ticket
40005 1 Job Ticket
40001 250 Credits
40153 300 Thunder Box
40152 500 Yggdrasil Berry Box [10]