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Server Features

These are the server features that are currently available in Vision RO. We will keep growing, that means our feature is not limited on what is listed here. There may be future features that will be available for players to enjoy!


This system enables the players to keep track of their personal record, be it farming or just doing quests in general.

Finishing some achievements will reward players with either a 'Supply Box' or an amazing 'Title'.

Titles can be equipped by players and will be shown before their IGN.


Automated Events are events that have a specific schedule on when they will be hosted. These events are different from GM-Hosted ones.

Automated Events have different prizes based on their difficulty. Participating in Automated Events will reward players with 'Event Points'


The Battleground 2.0 is an instance with a fixed opening time. Once opened, players can then join the queue to participate in this instance.

Battleground 2.0 requires a group of players to start. If players finished the war, they will be rewarded with 'Battleground Badges' that can be exchanged for items at the 'Battleground Officer'.


Vision RO has different available instances within the server that is sure to give you new experiences, so make sure to try them all out!


This system is created for players who are constantly playing on a daily basis. Logging in daily for an hour will entitle a player to claim their daily reward. Make sure to claim your daily rewards as they increase in value as you complete the days needed for the month.


Hourly Rewards is a system created for players who are always online. Claiming your hourly rewards will reset the time and a 60-minute cooldown will start.

Point System is established so players can gain items from different ways.

These are some points that are included in the Point System:

'Event Points' these points can be obtained by joining events.

'Playtime Points' these points can be obtained by simply playing the game for a given time.

'Vote Points' these points can be obtained by voting for the server.


This is a really interesting system that we have thought of so players can enjoy hunting.

When MVPs are slain, they have low chance of dropping a Blueprint. Normap MVPs will drop 'MVP Blueprint' and Rare MVPs will drop their own type of blueprint. These Blueprints can be submitted to the 'Blueprint Manager' for a limited-time quest. Finishing these quests will reward you with an exclusive item.

Shards are dropped from both Mini-Bosses and MVPs these shards are required as materials for some quest.
Mini-Boss Shards can be converted to an 'MVP Shard' at the 'Forge Master'.

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A system built for those avid MVP Hunters. Hunting MVPs requires technique and patience. So a system was built to reward players who loves hunting MVPs.


Our developers have created a unique Anti-bot System to the server would be protected from abusers.

This Anti-Bot System has an upgraded detection rate, that checks for bot more frequently.


Players that prove they are the best on a certain combat setting will be given statues that are flaunted in our main town.

This system inspires players to compete for the top spot.


Joining in WoE and KoE will reward players with points as long as they have participated for a required amount of time. These points can be used to exchange for items at the 'Guild Participation Shop'.

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